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artHAZARD Internet Media: professional solutions to enhance your presence on the World Wide Web! With extensive skills in Web and Graphic Design, Scripting, & Database Administration, no project created through artHAZARD will be dull or ordinary by any means! Whether you are looking for a highly detailed site to a simple site with a very clear message, we can do it.

From a small personal site to a complete business site with user accounts, artHAZARD Internet Media specializes in bringing your dream to reality. And, because Internet development is a competitive market, we continually support you, our client, for the entire length of the project – and after – making sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

[About artHAZARD] artHAZARD Internet Media is the online media portfolio where I upload all of my personal and business-related web work. In the portfolio pages, you can find graphics, web layouts, flash animations, and programs that I have created for either myself or clients over the years.

I have been creating digital media since 1995. When I first started, I was just entering middle school, and needed to fill all the spare time I had as a new student to the town would magically be blessed with. A few years later when I started getting better at designing web sites, I knew I wanted to turn these skills into a career. Since that time, I have worked on many sites: personal, for friends, for companies, and for the schools I attend. I have taken part in various jobs within the IT department while at university until graduating in 2008 with a BS in Computer Information Systems. I prefer to create and edit all of my code in Notepad++, while crafting the GUI in Photoshop or GIMP. Recently, I have re-arranged my goals to focus on all digital multimedia, including graphics, audio/visual, and three-dimensional mediums. Currently I am learning pre-packaged content management systems (WordPress), Google Analytics, and affiliate marketing.

Skills And Experience:

  • HTML, Dynamic HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, ProtoType
  • Notepad++ & FileZilla
  • GIMP & PhotoShop

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