Monthly Archives: March 2013

Newsflash – 2013 Backlog Update

Transitioning to WordPress from my own custom content management system is not bad so far. After doing a few test posts on my local WAMP server, I was able to get a basic post pattern down.

I installed WordPress fairly harmlessly on my live host and immediately installed an under construction plugin — however because I did not upload the WordPress index.php file (as I wanted current visitors to see my old site) previewing posts, pages, and themes did not work. I posted about 5 items before turning off the plugin, and continued posting.

After about 20 posts, I decided to install the Google Analytics plugin so at least I had some sense of success or failure moving forward.

It took under 2 hours to get the hang of everything. At the end of the posting spree, there were roughly 75 new media items (Photoshop and 3D Modeling). Hopefully by the end of this week, I can have my layouts, flash work, programming and audio stuff up as well.

And as I was posting these updates, I had the following music flowing through my headphones!

Hard With Style Episode #19

Hard With Style Episode #20